Originally created by Ross Dannenberg, Future Girl is an indie comic produced by Pixabits in collaboration with Arledge Comics.

How history will judge us remains to be seen. Will the future look back at 2017 as a period of darkness and hatred? Or as a period of enlightenment that only a few were able to see? Regardless of your own viewpoint, we are always living in history in the making.

Future Girl explores personal choice and the consequences that come with it. Issue #1 is the launching point and first introduction to our young hero – Future Girl – and her best friend, Steadfast. You’ll also meet the Horologist and Future Girl’s arch nemesis, Singularity.  Future Girl will face challenges and questions that we all experience during our lives and learn how her actions affect not only herself but others, too.

Future Girl is a comic meant to inspire our youth, both boys and girls of all ages, while still telling a compelling story that everyone will enjoy. With Future Girl leading the way, I felt it was imperative to recruit a group of creatives who’ve experienced what it’s really like inside the mind of a tweenage girl – a team who’ll understand her and tell her story in an industry where women’s stories are often told by men – resulting in a woman dominated creative team.

Who is Future Girl?

Future Girl is all of us. She reminds us that our future belongs to others, and that it is incumbent on each of us to remember that the choices we make as individuals, as a society, a country, and even as a human race, affect more than just our own individual lives. Every choice we make – good and bad – has consequences.

Future Girl was inspired by democracy in action, from a photo taken at the Women’s March in Washington, DC, on January 21, 2017:

© 2017 Stephen Laico, used with permission.

Seeing Steve’s photo, I knew there was a superhero in that young girl, willing to stand up for what is right and to fight for what she believes in. Future Girl was thus born of democracy and is a defender of freewill… with a few superpowers. Who is the girl in the photo? We don’t know, but we’d love to find out. Until we do, Future Girl has no name.  Since I wasn’t sure what sort of superhero she was going to be at first, I just referred to her as Future Girl.  The name stuck.

We still don’t know who the girl in Steve’s photo is.  If she wants to make herself known, please send us a message!