UPDATE Jan. 4, 2018 – Due to overwhelming response, we have stopped accepting new submissions.  We will let you know if we reopen the position. With Issue #1 now in the books, it’s time to turn our attention to Issue #2, and we need an artist.  Line art only, as we have a colorist that we intend to continue working with for consistency.  Page rate is negotiable in the $50-$75/page range, depending on experience and how good of a fit you are.  You must be able to match the style of Issue #1 (click here to preview).  Some more samples are below.  If interested, shootRead More →

Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay.  We were hard at work finishing up issue 1, and then the holidays rolled around, etc.  Anyway, Issue #1 is done, and we are now working with the printer to get the various cover versions printed up and shipped out.  Any orders placed will still take a couple months for fulfillment, but we’re getting there.  In the meantime, here is a secret link to read the digital version of Issue #1 for free.  Enjoy!Read More →

We’ve launched a new publishing page where fans can read new pages FIRST.  Check it out over at Patreon.  Patreon is a platform for creatives to foster a community and achieve sustaintability.  You can provide ongoing support for Future Girl for just $0.25/page!  We count on ongoing support to be able to pay our artists and writer fair compensation for their efforts. Remember, Future Girl is an indie comic, supported by fans, not by a corporate giant. Become a Patron!Read More →

We’d like to thank each and every one of our phenomenal backers for making our inaugural Kickstarter campaign a success! We are so proud of Future Girl, and it makes us smile to know that you believe in her, too.  We’re about 1/3 of the way through with artwork for Issue #1, and our progress continues at a steady pace.  We’re on track to finish Issue #1 by the end of September, go into production in October, and deliver Kickstarter rewards in November as promised in the campaign. Want to order a copy, but missed our Kickstarter campaign? Head over and check out our Merch, andRead More →

Hey everyone, we’re pleased to announce that we are launching a Kickstarter campaign for our inaugural issue, Issue #1: The Future Starts Now.  Sign up for our mailing list to be notified the minute we go live on July 4, 2017, so you can grab one of the early bird and limited edition rewards.  More details to follow soon.Read More →

Born of Democracy… Defender of Free Will… The Future Is Watching. After a fateful encounter one distant Halloween night, Future Girl discovers there’s more to being a hero than a flashy costume or billowy cape. Aided by her faithful sidekick – the ever anxious Steadfast – and guided by The Horologist – an ancient and mysterious clock maker – Future Girl stops evil in its tracks no matter where or when it may strike. She is a warrior for truth, a beacon for justice, and defender of the human spirit. These are the adventures of…  Read More →

Hey everyone, today we’re happy to announce our creative team lineup for Future Girl: Creator/Producer: Ross Dannenberg of Pixabits Writer: Jenn Arledge of Arledge Comics Principal Artist: Miranda Davila Colorist: Tanya Bobrowski Letterer: Nikki Sherman We’re starting work on the script for Issue 1, and will post updates when we actually have something to announce.Read More →